What is Monitoring eAccessibility?

The study on Monitoring eAccessibility is commissioned by the European Commission as a follow-up to the MEAC “Measuring Progress of eAccessibility in Europe”, developed during the period 2006 – 2008, and aims to contribute to the development and implementation of the European Union’s policy of eAccessibility.

The general objective of the study on Monitoring eAccessibility is to monitor the status and progress made in eAccessibility in a series of selected countries identifying the best practices in the fields of legislation, policies and practices; ensuring a direct and active interaction between the relevant actors; defining, developing and applying a comparative analysis framework to monitor progress made in eAccessibility over time and among countries.

European Union flagMonitoring eAccessibility in Europe is a study led by Technosite in partnership with NOVA and CNIPA, in collaboration with I2BC, The Blanck Group and CDLP-NUI, for the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Unit H.3 'ICT for inclusion'. The views expressed in the study do not reflect the official position of the European Commission.