Research results

Annual reports

The annual report of the Monitoring eAccessibility in Europe study systematises the most important information on the legislative and non-legislative developments carried out directly or indirectly in the eAccessibility field; the activities to implement such legislation; and the related activities or measures, as well as the current level of eAccessibility in a set of ICTs.

Two annual reports have been produced in this study. The "2010 Annual Report", includes comparisons by technology/policy and by country. The "2011 Annual Report", includes also comparisons over time.

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Methodology report

The specific objective of this deliverable is to provide a detailed description of:

  • The specific items (products, services and practices) analysed within each group of ICTs and the specific law and policy measures included in the data collection
  • The quantity of samples, the methodology for selecting the items and samples, and the specific indicators used to assess the accessibility level of the items and the implementation of the policy measures.

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Specific reports

Three stand-alone reports have been produced to cover specific requirements from the European Commission.

Report on implementation of eAccessibility articles of European Directives into National Legislation - special care on Telecom Package

The general objective of the "Report on implementation of eAccessibility articles of EU Directives into National Legislation" is to provide an updated vision of the implementation of eAccessibility articles in a number of EU directives. The report addresses the current and revised European legislative provisions relating to disabled users, contained not only in the electronic communications package, but also in other directives.

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Report on implementation and interpretation of WCAG 2 0

The "Report on implementation and interpretation of WCAG 2.0" provides updated information on the interpretation and implementation of WCAG 2.0 in selected countries.

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Online survey report

Report on the main results of the survey carried out in January and April, 2011 to a wide range of European user organisations regarding accessibility status and policy implementation of a set of ICTs.

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Workshop reports

In order to contrast the results obtained with relevant stakeholders and the EC's officers, two Workshops has been hold.

The main results of the first one (hold the 10th June 2010) are presented in the "Report on the main conclusions of the 2010 Expert Workshop on Monitoring eAccessibility in Europe". In addition, in this report, the enhanced contingency plans resulting from the workshop and developed by the Consortium have been included in order to improve the monitoring process followed.

The second one, the 2011 Expert Workshop "EC studies on Accessibility and Assistive Technology" has been hold the 20th and 21st June 2011 jointly with the organisations responsible of other three major studies in the field of eAccessibility and Assistive Technology funded by the EC.

Download Expert Workshop 2010 conclusions

Download Expert Workshop 2011 conclusions

National Experts

European Union flagMonitoring eAccessibility in Europe is a study led by Technosite in partnership with NOVA and CNIPA, in collaboration with I2BC, The Blanck Group and CDLP-NUI, for the European Commission, DG Information Society and Media, Unit H.3 'ICT for inclusion'. The views expressed in the study do not reflect the official position of the European Commission.